Fitting Tips

Remember to bring to ALL your fittings:

  • The actual shoes that you will be wearing
  • The actual undergarments you will be wearing
    • I have bra cups available for purchase
  • Your slip if you are wearing one
  • Shapewear if you are wearing it
  • Anything you want added to your dress (such as a belt or straps)

Nice-to-have but not necessary:

  • Your jewelry
  • Your veil and/or hairpiece

Please keep in mind:

  • You may bring parents/grandparents/friends along with you but fittings usually go a lot smoother and faster if only one person comes with you.
  • I recommend bringing your mom, personal attendant, or a bridesmaid along to your last fitting so that they can learn how to do your bustle. You’ll have enough on your mind on your wedding day, so leave the bustling to someone else!

When to pick up your wedding dress:

  • You may pick up your dress anytime, but remember that once your dress is steamed, it should not be left in the bag. It should hang freely in a SAFE place so that the train does not wrinkle.
  • Most brides choose to have me steam their dress right before the wedding. It works great to pick your dress up on the way to the church the day you decorate (usually Thursday or Friday before the wedding).
  • You may absolutely delegate someone to pick up your dress for you, but your alterations must be paid in full before it leaves my house. Thanks!